Kairos Photography by Jessica Zubrod | About
A quirky smile...a belly laugh...a tender glance...a pensive stare...capturing these moments that show who people are and what they love is something I'm passionate about. I love to capture moments - kairos moments - that make time stand still and make all who gaze upon an image remember.

Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the "right or opportune moment in the purpose of God." It is used to define a specific time that exists in between regular time ("Chronos"); a moment in which something unique and special happens. A watershed moment that affects every aspect, forever more, of the person's life, and is defined by quality rather than quantity. It's the experience of time that occurs between the clicking seconds and moving hands; time stands still as life unfolds and takes eternal significance.

So, that's what I am passionate about--seeing kairos and capturing those moments for people marking a special time in life.

about me
I'm totally amazed by grace
I'm mama to 3 very special people
I adore my husband
I can juggleI am a shade plant and wither in heat
I'm a true blue Penn StaterI love the sound of babies laughing
I never drink caffeinated coffeeI'm left handed
I don't even remember meeting my husband since we were 8 and 7 years old when he moved to our hometown
I enjoy riding through carwashesI love the beach but don't like to swim in the ocean
I'm a cupcake connoisseur
I'm allergic to my favorite food
I worked in a flower shop as my high school job
I love a crisp fall dayI love Thai & Lebanese food
I love meandering around our quaint small town
I love being around people

my style
I describe my photographic style as natural andauthentic. Genuine moments shared between couples and families are what I strive to capture. Getting people in a natural setting - your home, backyard, kids' favorite park - where they're comfortable and catching moments as they happen.

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Photo by Jamye Doerfler
Kairos description quoted from K. McFarland